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When you visit our Infant Room, you’ll discover a warm, compassionate atmosphere for your little one – from 6-weeks old until walking. As your baby grows, our teachers will develop stimulating activities to encourage learning and exploration. Our Infant program is predominately Play Based Learning, where the child develops through play. 
You can count on your child getting the special attention you expect because we maintain strict teacher-child ratios. 

Our infant program is completely devoted to the well being of our infants. We provide our littlest munchkins with a quiet, serene atmosphere where they can play and learn and just be babies! Our infants get to run the show in their classroom; eating and sleeping on demand. Our high-quality staff develop relationships with your baby, which fosters optimal learning. They will play with toys, sing songs and look at books. All this along with the typical holding, cuddling and cooing that take place all day long. Our infant program is top-notch! 

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